Finding Balance

Finding Balance
Finding Balance

Many of you may not know, but Pearls For Life; Family Yoga owner and instructor, Arianna is only a part-time Californian. While her family now lives here fulltime, she spend every summer in Spain, leading spiritually-motivated gatherings for creative-minded people. Having spent the better part of the last 30 years living overseas, her heart still spends much of its time there, even if her body can’t always join her.

This is why our yoga program runs only through the school year. During the months between September and May, Arianna not only juggles her yoga classes, but dance lessons of all kinds, doula opportunities and hours and hours of preparation for her 3-month outings in Europe.

This all requires balance.

Balance is tricky, that’s why it’s so hard to attain.

One move and you tumble to one side or the other.

But balance requires patience and forgiveness with ourselves and others.

It is a practice, not a birthright.

I suppose that’s why people refer to yoga as a “practice”, a lifestyle, not because  you spend every minute of the day stretching or in meditation, but because you learn the practice of balance in every area of life, on the mat and off.

Balance is tricky as we hold family, work, finances and relationships in our arms. It’s a process to find and maintain it.

Be patient with yourself when you take on new responsibilities or maneuver through life’s changes. Perhaps more importantly is exercising that patience towards others as they are struggling through the same balancing act as you – just different colored balls. Being quick to listen and slow to speak is a simple way to implement balance in our lives; remove yourself from the equation of importance and stop and listen to others; hear not only their words, but their heart.

Give one another the benefit of the doubt. Simply put: always believe the best about the  other. It’s not easy, at all – we are always so certain we know the intention of others, when so often our actions and words were meant to convey something far different. Our words, my words, are misconstrued, poorly spoken, misused, not to even mention my actions. We are so quick to forgive ourselves, but choose to forgive others, to believe the best about them, even when it seems impossible.

Practice balance. Start in small areas. Be honest and transparent about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.

You are not perfect.

Neither are others.