IMG-20170725-WA0005As a family educator, yoga instructor & custom dance teacher I have worked with families in Europe and USA for over 30 years. For most of my life I have lived in Europe (Greece, Germany, and Spain) and I am fascinated with people of all cultures, encouraging them in how to build and establish creative relationships within themselves and their families.

I enjoy combining Yoga with Art through story, movement, and creative expression. I am a storyteller, inspirational speaker, mentor, and an international arts & cultural philanthropist.  I am the Founder and Executive Director of Edge Project, a boutique non-profit engaging this generation with the Arts, Culture, & Faith.  One of the joys in my life is to offer birth doula services to assist couples to have the birth experience that they dream of.  I have assisted more than 150 births with a vast variety of birth situations.

Motivated by a love for people, I am passionate about building global respect for families through health, wellness and cultural community.  As a Life Coach and Educator, I seek to impart goodness and love in everything I do. My philosophy on life & family is simple: love people first. Always. Before projects, programs or dollars and cents. I believe one of the greatest investments for humanity is to give ourselves to the children of this generation.  The gift of time & touch is priceless. In my personal life, I am a mother and friend to my 4 beautiful daughters and have two precious grand-children who hold my heart. I am dedicated to love, educate, and assist families in life giving experiences and I enjoy providing opportunities for families to grow closer together in health, wellness, & intentional living.