IMG-20170725-WA0005As a Soul Care Facilitator & Spiritual Director, I have worked with families and women in Europe and the USA for over 30 years. Most of my life I have lived in Europe (Greece, Germany & Spain) which leads me to my fascination with culture & humanity.

I am passionate as a family educator, coach, spiritual director, yoga instructor & custom dance teacher. I enjoy combining yoga with the healing arts through story, movement, and creative expression. I am a storyteller, inspirational speaker, mentor, creative artist & cultural philanthropist.

Founder and Executive Director of three Creative Boutique Businesses.

Edge Project; a grass-roots non-profit engaging this generation with the Arts, Culture & Faith.

Pearls for Life offers something for everyone! We curate wholehearted living.
Our specialty classes, private sessions, and events offer a unique intimate style of wellness for the entire family.

Dance by Design is our custom dance business. These classes & events are designed to bring joy thru expressive movement, dance, partnership, quality music, & pure fun experiences.

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Motivated by a love for people, I am passionate about building global respect for families through health, authenticity, and cultural community.

My work, combined with my passions is designed to bring awareness & encouragement to people. I enjoy assisting them to establish safe, loving relationships within themselves and their families.

Goodness and Love is in everything I do. My philosophy on life & family is simple: love people first. Always.

I am a blessed mother and friend to my 4 beautiful daughters. One of my daughters recently passed from a tragic death and now lives in Heaven. I hold her forever in the depths of my own broken heart and learning to live “with” her in a new spiritual way.
Plus, I have two precious grandchildren who are my treasures.

As a woman of Bohemian Lifestyle, I enjoy providing opportunities for families to grow closer together in a life of faith, spiritual health, wholeheartedness & intentional living.

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