Classes Beginning as Summer Ending

mother-and-daughter-2j0mktrEvery year I focus on what a wonderful time summer is for families; it’s a time to pause, catch our breath and hopefully, enjoy each other’s company and reconnect.

Summer breaks don’t seem to be as long as they used to be; I remember my summer vacations stretching into the September and Labor Day being the last hurrah for families.

Summer doesn’t seem to be a sacred as it once was either. That’s why we have to keep it alive.

Each summer I’m fortunate enough to spend my days in Spain running a non-profit focusing on culture, art and spirituality for college students. This is my passion that builds up all year and culminates in summer. This is my summer magic.

As it’s now winding down and I’m stateside again, I’m so pleased to announce Pearls For Life yoga classes and activities I have scheduled for both San Diego and Orange counties!

Classes start Sept. 8th!

New classes in San Diego 
@ YogaSix Solana Beach
@ The Bridges
@ Experience Life Studio
@ Solana Beach Library
@DelMar Library

New Classes in Orange County 
@  Mission Viejo Library
@ Rekinect Studio Ladera R.
@ The Garage in the Ranch
@ Crown Schools
@ Drama Kids

As we get closer to September,  will be posting a detailed calendar to the website. Please stay tuned and I look forward to seeing all of you next month