Life Rhythms Retreat

Altea~Alicante, SPAIN



Built into the very fiber of creation is a rhythm where the soul seeks
self compassion through A Journey of Freedom in Forgiveness

It has been said that holding onto un-forgiveness is like sitting in a prison cell
with the door wide open. Our bodies hold onto the bitterness that our words cannot say,
and many of us push it down and power through, yet our very existence & vitality
is found in the comfort of healthy LIFE RHYTHMS

It is here, our stability and balanced lifestyle breathes a confidence of
experiencing the gift of Freedom in Forgiveness.

This retreat is a time for inner searching, perspective, healing, renewal
authentic practices of forgiveness and self compassion.
Come to Spain with us as we break the cycle and enter this sacred rhythm.




 A Time to Cultivate
 The Sacred
The Silence
The Sustainable

Daily Meditations
Community Life
Sacred Space
Organic Food
Farmer’s Market
Spanish Housing
Sharing Your Story
Grief Care Coaching
Cultural Experiences
Aroma Touch Therapy
Intimate Personal Space
Gatherings @ The Table
Organized Group Events
Mediterranean Living
Spanish Fine Dining Dinners
Spiritual Direction & Soul Care
A Life Transforming Experience

PHOTO-2019-07-14-13-33-55More About this Unique Retreat Experience in Altea, Spain:

Part of the charm in coming on this retreat is in spending a week
living like a local in a quaint Spanish town located on the Costa Blanca.
Rather than stay all together in a retreat center,
unique homes are chosen in the heart of Altea to further facilitate
a rhythm of rest, a time for peace & self compassion.
A gift for the journey of Freedom in Forgiveness. 

The homes selected boast of breathtaking views of the Mediterranean
and guide you into the slow pace feel of life where the sound of old church
bells are your only trackers of time. There’s no need for a car when
everything you’ll be doing in this town is within walking distance.

Get ready to slow down, learn the beauty of siesta,
sightsee along cobblestone streets and live like a Spaniard
while finding community with others on the journey towards self compassion
and a gentleness for a deeper inner peace.



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Retreat Coordinator & Instructor 

Arianna Caligiuri



Where the yoga mat becomes a place to heal, to dream
and discover what makes your heart come alive.