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Facilitating Distance Learning at Your Home

Celebrate Individuality

I will help with focus techniques for online classes and assist in the curriculum provided by the distance learning program to create an effective learning environment for your children. 


Meet Ms. Arianna


🌻 I’ve been an Educator for over 30 years with a focus on individualized teaching according to the developmental style & skills of the child

🌻I have served in a variety of forms for the whole family in 5 countries

🌻I have owned & operated my own creative enrichment centers for young children

🌻I have started a variety of programs in the USA & EUROPE for families and children of all ages

🌻 I focus on the whole child in my tutoring and seek to find the best learning options for each child

🌻I have lived in Europe most of my life and speak 4 different languages (English, Spanish, German and Greek)

🌻I bring a skill set that is creative, innovative and developmentally sound for each child

🌻I love to assist families in education & life giving experiences

🌻I educated my own 4 daughters at home when we lived in Europe and have assisted many families in their educational learning

As a Family Life Coach
🌻I assist families in building healthy & honest relationships. I work with parent/child communication skills, resolving relational conflict and couples coaching.I also offer Individual Private Sessions

🌻I teach & coordinate extra curricular classes at Libraries, Community Centers, Local Parks, Charter Schools, Private Schools, Home Educational Co-ops, Universities, and a Non-profit Study Abroad Program in Spain

To apply for Home Education Assistance

Contact Arianna at: