Birth Doula

86df6c9e-5e48-4622-ba8b-103494802b55As a Birth Doula and Family Educator I have the privilege to assist women and their husbands, partners, and families in one of the most beloved and magical experiences in life; bringing a child into this world & giving birth.  

One of the joys in my life as a Birth Doula is to partner with couples to have the birth experience that they dream of. I have assisted more than 150 births with a vast variety of birth situations. My commitment to every family is to love and nurture the mother while educating the fathers to assist each one in achieving the birth experience you dream of.

What is a Birth Doula? – There are two types of Doula Services. A Birth Doula and a Postpartum Doula.  I offer both these services to birthing and postpartum parents.

Birth Doula – A birth doula is trained and experienced in childbirth and helps prepare the mother for birth by working with her to develop a birthing plan, educating her about the birthing process, providing her with emotional support and if desired, offering support services during and just after childbirth. A Birth Doula is also known as a labour coach. The support that a Doula can offer the birthing couple improves and gives positive maternal health as well as the benefits for the newborn baby.

Postpartum Doula – A postpartum doula offers support services and education to the mother after the birth, including lactation education, baby care education, circumcision care education, emotional support and other similar services. Postpartum doulas ensure the mother is comfortable, hydrated and well-fed so that she can enjoy caring for her baby.

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