Toddler Storytime Yoga


 1-5 years old

The program consists of an age appropriate story which enhances self worth and awareness for the young child through fun yoga moves, breath work, music & movement,  and develops positive social skills.

This school year we will be developing a program to teach the alphabet creatively through each lesson with yoga poses and animal awareness combined with fun activities connecting the child with their parents, caregivers, mothers, daddy’s  nannies, and grannies too!
Toddler yoga is a fun way for young kids to learn the basics of the practice while being free to move, play and make friends. Storytime Yoga is designed with quiet and educational experiences combined  for age appropriate yoga exercises in mind. Arianna uses  creative yoga moves as she tells a story to introduce and maintain the beauty of yoga for the child. This time is sure to delight your child and stimulate them physically, emotionally and mentally.
Please check our schedule for a list of classes.