Prenatal Yoga

Pearls For Life;Family Yoga

As yoga is an all over strengthening workout, it is especially useful during pregnancy to help strengthen the lower half of the body especially in the last trimester and your upper body in preparation of carrying your baby after birth. It is also a safe and excellent means for relieving aches and pains as your body changes and the weight of your baby increases.

Prenatal yoga helps you to relax, physically and mentally, and to stretch the stress away. Yoga also requires breathing discipline that will help during labor and birth and as you get closer to your due date, specific stretches will increase the flexibility of your lower body for birth and also help with pain management during labor. These breathing exercises can also be useful to quickly induce rest and napping for mom, while her baby also sleeps.

Prenatal yoga is an experience between mother and baby as focus can be solely on strengthening this bond. This specialized yoga class also gives expecting mothers a chance to bond with one another during this time. 

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