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Happy Mother's Day from Pearl For Life;Family Yoga
Happy Mother’s Day from Pearl For Life;Family Yoga

I was talking with some friends today about Mother’s Day and how we’d like to spend it. I told the gals that when my kids were little, all I wanted was a day to myself. But I felt guilty about it.


Well, shouldn’t moms want to spend the day with their blessed additions who made them eligible for the holiday to begin with? Well, not really, because that would make it no different that any other day. Yes, it’s a noble idea to think, “I can spend the day with the family and just relax,” but when it comes down to it, that’s never going to happen. Where there are children, there are needs. Resting at home isn’t really resting because there’s always laundry, cleaning, dishes, meals to cook – at least if you’re like me, I can’t let things pile up around me and just ignore them?!?

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time mom, you need a break. There are just as many balls to juggle, just as many people to fear we’re disappointing, just as many regrets and pressures.

Moms need a break.

If you’re not sure you deserve it or sure anyone else thinks you deserve it, take a look at this video that will show you what motherhood is really like.



Whether you choose to spend the day at the spa or the kitchen, know that you are appreciated and loved and that your influence matters.


Happy Mother’s Day from Pearls For Life;Family Yoga