The Power of Perspective

Pearls For Life; Family Yoga
Pearls For Life; Family Yoga

At Pearls For Life; Family Yoga, we know there are situations in life we can’t change…there will always be homework, bills, laundry – you know fun stuff like that;)

Yes, we can’t change those things, but sometimes we can change our perspective. For most people it is not a challenge to see the glass half empty – negativity isn’t a stretch, it’s an easy decline. And nothing unravels a frustrating situation faster, than seeing the worst in the situation.

This time of year some of us face the truly unpleasant surprise of taxes. Sometimes no matter how hard you work, how you try to make wise decisions and plan ahead, life unfolds in unfortunate ways.

Recently friends of our shared with us their plight of bad financial luck; they found out they owed on their taxes, this was after a foreclosure, a car that was literally in the shop for 5 months racking up the bills and someone charging over $150 on their Visa card at a local spa.

Really? All in about a two week’s time. This was after a year of intense financial struggle.

Just when they were coming up for air, they got pushed back down.

Wanting to cry and rant and rave and raise their fists to the heavens, they decided to look around and see what really mattered.

“Well, they don’t send people to debtor’s prison anymore, so that can’t take our family away.”

Perspective won’t pay the bills, but it will help us appreciate what really matters.

They decided to make changes that won’t harm what matters most; instead of going out as a family on Friday nights, they’ll dine in, together and then have “family movie night”. They’ll make lean the things that don’t really matter to invest in what does.


Practice perceptive with your kids.

Remember how your mom would tell you to eat your veggies “because people are starving in Africa?” Well, that really didn’t change much in our minds, but daily, moment-by-moment, when opportunities rise, give your kids a healthy perspective; teach them to lift their eyes and value that which truly has meaning. Create a consciousness in your kids that will carry them throughout their lives.

Teach them to raise their eyes, use their minds to find solutions and engage their hearts to live well.