A Few Reasons Why Chair Yoga May be For You

chair-yogaYoga is for everyone.


As we’ve brought up many times, yoga is not just about stretching your body, but yoga, more importantly, is about you and it adapts to your body, your abilities, your limitations. We don’t fit into yoga’s mold, it fits into ours.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is one such adaptation. This form is for people with injuries or seniors who don’t have full use of their bodies as they used to. This is for people who have temporary injuries or permanent disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from standing for long periods of time or are uncomfortable sitting or lying on the floor.

Chair Yoga literally applies the use of a chair, used to both sit in and balance against.


Well, yoga isn’t just about fitness, but about overall health, including healing. Just as with physical therapy to regain use of a function, yoga is very similarly used to regain strength in weak areas by gently stretching and gently challenging affected areas of your body.

After an accident or post-surgery, your body can be very stiff and sore and while movement helps the healing process, if it’s not done properly, it can prolong the recovery time. By employing chair yoga, you will help to heal hurt areas and regain their use.

Weight can also be a comfort factor when doing yoga. For many people who are struggling with being over-weight, standing  for long periods of time is impossible. Again, chair yoga is an excellent way to exercise without the high impact on joints and particularly knees and ankles; it’s a great stepping stone to the next fitness level.

Pregnancy is also a great opportunity for chair yoga, especially in the last trimester.

Don’t let temporary nor permanent physical limitations limit you.

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